React Flexible Sliding Menu
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React Flexible Sliding Menu

A React library which provides Flexible Sliding Menu with an easy to use API and a bunch of other awesome features. Also, you get to choose which animation you want for the sliding menu.

Note: The library is not restricted to just menus, technically you can provide any React Component to make it slide.


  1. Fully Flexible: Pass whatever component you want, to make it slide and attach the triggers to whatever component you want.
  2. Conditionally Rendered: Rather than hiding the menu (setting opacity:0, or sending it off the viewport), it is removed from the DOM itself.
  3. Fully Managed State: Unlike most other libraries, state of Menu is managed by the library so that you don't have to.
  4. Uses React Context: several methods are provided via context, so you can access it wherever you want in the component tree.


There are a lot of libraries out there which set out to do the same thing, some accomplished it some don't. But, I always found one or another thing missing in them. Hence, I built this library to fulfill my needs and possibly yours.